Multi-Generational Wealth

You have worked hard your whole life. You have accumulated wealth. What will happen to that legacy?

Time and again families struggle needlessly when, as all to often, there no one looking at the whole “big picture”.  Unfortunately, at times of distress and sadness (death or infirmary), loved ones are often left trying to fit together pieces of a puzzle that somehow just don’t fit in to a functional estate plan.

Your accountant, your lawyer and your financial adviser all give you good sound advice — they are the experts in their field. Unfortunately without a multidisciplinary solution what is good and sound legal solution can create a tax problem, and a good tax plan can create a legal problem. Investment ownership issues can multiply these problems, resulting in estate wishes not being carried out and, too often, family rift and litigation ensues.
Almost certainly, this conclusion to your life’s efforts and successes is not your intention. 

Don’t let this happen…  not to your family or to your financial legacy.

Calvin has worked closely with individual families for decades. He understands that a cohesive multidisciplinary approach to your wealth-management can avoid a compromised estate plan. It takes a seasoned professional with specialized skill sets and years of experience to facilitate a desirable outcome. Calvin is that professional.

Calvin Hoy has the expertise to help families navigate multi-generational wealth and some of the challenges that can come with it.

Your family is important

Planning and managing personal wealth is as important to you as a family, as it is to the CEO of a corporation.

Calvin provides sound wealth management advice and planning for your secure future and generations to come.

Calvin provides these value-added services:

Family Trusts
Business and Estate Succession
Family Dynamic Solutions
Charitable Gifting Strategies
Insurance Solutions
Family Emergency Services

Questions that you may ask yourself
Want to know more about the power of multi-generational wealth – what it can achieve and pitfalls that can follow if proper planning is not implemented for the next generation. Ask yourself these questions...