Private Wealth Managers

Designed to exceed your expectations.

Private Wealth Clients tend to share a number of concerns. If any of the following statements strike a chord with you, then you may be ready to take the next logical step:

  • Investment returns are important, but not at the expense of capital preservation.
  • You have accumulated wealth, and you don’t want to take undue risk with it.
  • Your investments are held in a number of institutions and you don’t have a single, comprehensive strategy at work.
  • The statements you currently receive seem vague and/or confusing, and it’s hard to measure your investment performance.
  • You’ve never met the people who actually manage your money.
  • Every time you call your investment advisor, it seems like you’re talking to some one new.

Private Wealth Managers design a complete investment management approach specifically for you, with your investment needs in mind, addressing each of your concerns and seeking to meet your expectations.

Private Wealth Managers or, Investment Council have complete discretionary trading authority for the clients investment portfolio. This trading authority is guided by a detailed investment policy statement that outlines each of the client family’s needs, likes and dislikes as it relates to their investments. As each client family is unique so is their customized portfolio. If a client family already has exposure to an industry through personal or business assets, it can be excluded from consideration of their investment portfolio, this also holds true for personal or ethical interests.

  • Fees vary slightly for each Investment Council firm but are competitive and range from 1.25% to 1.5% all inclusive for the first million dollars and less than 1% for portfolios over $5 million. This is also tax-deductible for all non-registered portfolios.
  • The minimum portfolio size is $1 million though some firms will consider $500,000-$750,000 if more investment assets are expected.
  • All Private Wealth Management firms manage assets to achieve maximum tax efficiency for client families.
  • Private Wealth Management firms have many years and decades of custom portfolio management, managing investments for many corporate / union pensions, charitable foundations, trusts and private wealth client families.
  • Direct contact with your portfolio managers and dedicated portfolio administrator.
  • All Private Wealth Management firms have clear, easy to read, consolidated family portfolio statements with performance data included.
  • Interest income, dividends, realized and unrealized capital gain income are provided for your accountant at year-end, to make their job easier.
Your family is important

Planning and managing personal wealth is as important to you as a family, as it is to the CEO of a corporation.

Calvin provides sound wealth management advice and planning for your secure future and generations to come.

Calvin provides these value-added services:

Family Trusts
Business and Estate Succession
Family Dynamic Solutions
Charitable Gifting Strategies
Insurance Solutions
Family Emergency Services

Questions that you may ask yourself
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